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» » Biological Aleppo Soap - Rare 40
Aleppo soap enriched with 40% bay laurel oil.
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Biological Aleppo Soap - Rare 40

Reference -SAE40

"Organic Aleppo soap enriched with 40% bay laurel oil.
Cold saponified.
Product certified organic by ECOCERT Greenlife.
Organic first-pressed olive oil (60% of total oils).
Authentic Aleppo soap 150 grams.
No added colour. No added perfume. No added antioxidant.
Sold in a paper sleeve."

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List of ingredients
About Aleppo soap

Rare Aleppo soap with 40% laurel berry oil

Rare Aleppo soap enriched with 40% bay laurel oil
This ecological and zero waste soap bar is a pure and highly enriched cosmetic. It contains 60% olive oil and 40% laurel berry oil. Its composition could not be more natural and pure, making this solid soap a treatment for all skin types.

Ingredients: Sodium olivate bio, sodium laurate, aqua, sodium hydroxide The olive oil used is from a first cold pressing and is also certified organic by ECOCERT. Packaging: 150 g solid soap bar subject to drying


The strengths of this rare Aleppo soap enriched with bay laurel oil
Aleppo soap is already a must in terms of zero waste and natural cosmetics, but this version called "rare" brings even greater benefits for your skin and that of your family. Here are its benefits:

Cold saponification manufacturing method
Certified traditional recipe
100% natural ingredients
Zero waste and environmentally friendly solution
High quality product containing organic olive oil
Ideal for all skin types, but also for hair, as a face mask or as a replacement for shaving soap
Perfect even for the most fragile skin (babies, atopic, mature, etc.)
Neutral fragrance
Economical and ecological
Original product, manufactured according to ancestral techniques 
Reliable product certified by ECOCERT 
Made in France 

What is rare Aleppo soap?
Aleppo soap is considered to be the ancestor of the famous Marseille soap. It has been made in Aleppo, Syria, for over 3,000 years. In the past, it was made only from olive oil, bay leaf oil and vegetable soda. But since the introduction of machines capable of grinding the pomace (olive stones and residues from the first pressing) using solvents, the manufacture of Aleppo soaps is less faithful to the ancestral principles.

Indeed, being more economical, olive-pomace oil is gradually replacing first-pressed olive oil and this makes it possible to produce more at lower cost. In response to an ever-increasing demand, most Aleppo soaps for export were made in this way.

A few soap makers continue to make genuine Aleppo soap, with olive oil extracted by first pressing, according to the original recipe. At Chamarrel, a zero-waste online shop, we strive to offer you only original and ecological products. Thus, we found not only an ecological Aleppo soap, but also very rare since it is enriched with 40 % of oil of bay laurel.

Purer, softer, more natural and above all healthier, this Aleppo soap bar is a luxury in a zero waste bathroom.


How to use the soap of Aleppo rare?
You have a very fragile skin, which burns in the summer sun, but which is very fragile during winter temperatures. No cream can soothe you or no soap removes the redness or burns.

Try the rare Aleppo soap enriched with laurel berry oil. Very soft and protective thanks to its natural oils, you will see your skin metamorphose and find all its beauty. Even fragile skin will be optimised for healing and cell restructuring with the help of laurel berry oil. The pure, organic olive oil leaves a natural lipid film on your skin that protects it from the sun and the cold.

You can use it on the whole body, but also on the face either as a zero waste washing product by applying it with a konjac sponge, or as a mask to be left on for a few minutes after lathering.

This enriched authentic Aleppo soap is also recommended for all skin types, including those prone to eczema, psoriasis, or other skin problems. Similarly, you can use it directly on the scalp instead of your usual shampoo. The cleansing and protective agents will rid your hair of dandruff and gently cleanse your scalp.

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List of ingredients
About Aleppo soap


  • Soaps made with cold saponification (40°) so as not to alter the ingredients. In traditional saponification, the heating temperature varies from 90° to 120°.
    Exceptional quality.
    Extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressed.
    40% laurel berry oil. 
    No colouring. No perfume. No antioxidants.
    Made in France - 100% natural.
    Soap of about 150g subject to drying.
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List of ingredients
About Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap is made with olive oil and bay laurel oil.

Before 1950, all the inhabitants of Syria made their soap with these two ingredients. The oils were first pressed because at that time there were no factories capable of pressing the waste and pits of the olives (pomace).
Syria was under French mandate from 1920 to 1946. Engineers developed a process to extract more oil from the olives by pressing the pomace (residue of the first pressing) with a solvent.
Since then, the quantities of Aleppo soap produced have exploded because the oil is cheap. Today, many Aleppo soaps are made with this solvent extracted olive oil.
During the reports, we are never shown the method of extraction. Why not?
The only ones to tell the method of extraction are those who sell Aleppo soaps with oil extracted by pressure.  Why not the others? 

Here are the real questions to ask without relying solely on the word of the seller.

Quality of oils: 100% olive oil? (possible blending with palm oil) 
Method of extraction: Pressure or solvent? 
Number of pressings: 1st, 2nd or last pressing?
Real % of oils used.
The stamp on Aleppo soaps does not give a guarantee of quality, it is simply the name of the soap maker, as with us or each soap has a name or a brand.
The terms used, such as "Genuine Aleppo soap" "The only soap of Aleppo" "The real Aleppo soap" have no meaning.
The oil extracted from the pomace is dark green, which gives the usual colour of Aleppo soap. The brown exterior colour of the soaps is due to oxidation.
Aleppo soaps with the oil of first pressure have a light green colour, there is very little oxidation.


The method of extraction, pressure or solvent, is valid for all vegetable oils.

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List of ingredients
About Aleppo soap

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