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Pink ceramic beads for carafes. Long lasting.
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Box of 15 ceramic beads | Pink

Reference -PR10BO

15 Pink EM Ceramic beads for decanters and pitchers only. Average quantity for a 1 litre decanter. To be adjusted at your convenience.
Fired at 800° C., the pink ceramic beads are porous which gives them their adsorption power.
Clay and natural useful microorganisms not handled.
100% recyclable cardboard box. Shelf life : 6 months.

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Instructions and use


Ideal quantity for a carafe - Perfect packaging for gifts


Ceramic EM stands for "Effective Micro-organisms". EM Ceramic is a blend of useful and beneficial microorganisms found in nature and not manipulated.


Definition of EM.

EM ceramic consists of clay to which effective micro-organisms have been added through an airless (anaerobic) firing process.

As a result, multiple characteristics and information about the effective microorganisms can be stored. (Remember in this context the generally known microorganisms found in the magma of volcanoes or those found in the hot water of geysers)

One thing we can be sure of - the various bacteria in EM are not harmful to humans. Indeed, all "aerobic" microorganisms can be destroyed within an hour at a temperature of 60°C. Such bacteria are not found in EM.


Properties of EM ceramics.
According to Prof. Dr. Terua Higa, EM-ceramics have the unique property of being able to remove all harmful information from the water. Ceramics have the natural ability to cause ion exchange and long-wave infrared radiation. - This erases the information transmitted by the water molecules and restores the original clean state. 
EM has an extraordinary antioxidant power, the product not only has the capacity to avoid oxidation, but it can also cancel an already existing oxidation. At the same time, it restores the initial magnetic resonance of substances. In fact, it has a regenerative power. EM-ceramic can thus bring the vital functions and all substances to a successive regeneration. 

EM-ceramic is a medium for the diffusion of EM information contained in the fired clay, which can then be transferred to the water. The firing process does not affect the information power. It follows that the magnetic resonance from EM ceramics can only be beneficial to nature. 

What happens to the EM information when the clay is fired? 


Professor Teruo Higa explains the transmission of information as follows.


"Clay is an electronically charged colloid, which, if its electrical properties are concentrated, can double the information power of microorganisms. The theory that all life originates in clay can be reduced to the fact that clay has the property to assimilate, fix and bind various electrical information. As a result, EM-ceramics can serve as a template for EM information. When clay and water are related, it becomes possible to extract EM information from this pattern".

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Instructions and use


Use of EM Ceramics.

EM Ceramics is not a descaler, but neutralises limescale deposits.

The tubes (or beads) are 10.08 mm in size. They are used for water treatment. The shape and structure of the tubes allow for optimal contact with the water due to the large contact surface (clay).


Use of EM in gardens with Microferm and EM-A+ and EM-1



These quantities are given as an indication and, depending on the quality of the water in particular, may be increased or even doubled depending on the effectiveness observed.


- 1 net of 500g for 10,000 litres of running water
- 12 tubes in a 1L kettle
- 12 tubes in a 1L jug of water
- 50 tubes in a flannel and every time you wash in the washing machine. For every purchase of 50 ceramic beads, a small cotton pouch is provided. The pouch can be used in the washing machine.
- Place 12 pieces on a sturdy piece of nylon wire on top of the dishwasher or in the cutlery tray
- 12 tubes in the fruit basket
- A few tubes in the toilet flush
- A few tubes in each flower pot or vase

- 1 net in the rainwater tank, filter or aquarium water tank


Water and drinking jug:
Fill with tap water and then add the EM ceramic tubes.

Constantly add water for faster efficiency.

The tubes have a 10 year shelf life and can be used again and again. The water is transformed into excellent refreshing and pure water. Chlorine is trapped by the ceramics, the accumulations of molecules due to impurities are dissociated - making the water more flexible and a better carrier for the substances essential for our body. The impure elements in the water are retained by our body's own antioxidants and are subsequently eliminated. 


Electric kettles, pots and pans:
The tubes are generally not destroyed by the high temperatures of the stove (baked clay).

Put insulated tubes (cloth bag) in the cutlery basket. This reduces the amount of washing-up liquid to be used by half. Despite this, your dishes and cutlery will be beautifully shiny.

Washing machine:
The tubes can be wrapped in a flannel or cloth bag, for example, so that they automatically take part in the washing process. 

When bathing, it is hood to put the tubes in the bath water, perhaps in a flannel or other cloth bag. The flannel can then be machine washed. 

Toilet tank:
By using the EM tubes, the use of chemical disinfectant and descaling capsules (toilet stones or others) is no longer necessary. (Toilet stones or others). 

Watering water :
All plants feel very comfortable when treated with the water in which the ceramic tubes are located. They are very hardy, flower and produce fruit regularly. Just put a few ceramic tubes in the watering can (20 to 30 per 10 litres). 

Rinsing water - for salad, fruit and vegetables: 
Put a few ceramic beads in the wash water and leave for 10 minutes.

Tubes are also recommended for longer storage and better freshness.

Even in the case of already cleaned vegetables, put a few beads in the container or bag. 

Aquarium :
Every aquarium owner should know about EM ceramic tubes in their aquarium accessory shop. Ceramic EM tubes have in addition the features described above.

They can be placed either in the inner or outer filter or in a corner of the aquarium.

Commonly used water treatment agents, plant fertilisers and carbon dioxide in the aquarium water will not be impeded in their overall effect.

Thanks to the tubes, the water will remain clear for a longer period of time, which means that water changes will be less frequent.


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Instructions and use

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