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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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EM ceramic beads - Recyclable box of 50 grey beads
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Box of 50 ceramic beads | Grey

Reference -PG09BO50

Box of 50 grey EM ceramic beads.
Useful, they revitalise tap water and significantly improve its taste.
Helps prevent limescale build-ups and promotes the preservation of food.

Average quantity recommended:
- 1 litre jug: 15 beads
- Kettle or dishwasher: 25 beads
- Washing machine: 50 beads

Zero waste alternative. Packaging: recyclable cardboard.
Contains instructions in French and English
Box size: 50 x 100 x 15 mm (Height 120 mm with shelf tab)

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Instructions and use
Focus on EM Ceramics

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Instructions and use
Focus on EM Ceramics




EM ceramic is not a descaler, but neutralises limescale deposits.

The ceramic beads (or tubes) are 10.08 mm in size. They are used for water treatment. The shape and structure of the ceramic beads ensure optimal contact with the water due to the large contact surface (clay).


Use of EM in gardens with Microferm and EM-A+ and EM-1





These quantities are given as an indication and, depending on the quality of the water in particular, may be increased or even doubled depending on the effectiveness observed.


- 1 net of 500g for 10 000 litres of running water

- 12 ceramic beads in a 1L kettle

- 12 ceramic beads in a 1L water jug

- 50 ceramic beads in a flannel and in each wash in the washing machine.  Make sure that the beads remain well sealed in their container.

- Place 12 ceramic beads on a sturdy piece of nylon wire on top of the dishwasher or in the cutlery tray
- 12 ceramic beads in the fruit basket

- A few ceramic beads in the toilet flush, or preferably a ceramic mega-bead.

- A few ceramic beads in each flower pot or vase

- 350 ceramic beads in the rainwater tank, filter or aquarium water tank



Fill with tap water and then add the EM ceramic beads.

Add water slowly and constantly for effectiveness.

The ceramic beads can be used for up to 10 years and can therefore be used again and again. The water becomes an excellent refreshing and pure water. Chlorine is trapped by the ceramics, the accumulations of molecules due to impurities dissociate - making the water more flexible and a better carrier for the substances essential for our body. The impure elements in the water are retained by our body's antioxidants and are subsequently eliminated. 




The grey ceramic beads are not destroyed by the high temperatures of the stove (clay fired at 1200°C.). On the other hand, pink ceramic beads should not be added as they may disintegrate quickly. As they are only fired at 800°C. They are more porous and more fragile.

You can also use a special firing figure.



Put insulated ceramic beads (cloth bag) in the cutlery basket. This reduces the amount of washing-up liquid you need to use by half. Despite this, your dishes and cutlery will be clean and shiny.



Ceramic beads can be enclosed in a flannel or cloth bag, for example, so that they automatically take part in the washing process. 



When bathing, it is sufficient to put them in the water of the bathtub, or to put the ceramic beads in a flannel or other fabric bag. The flannel can then be machine washed. There is also EM ceramic in a special bath figurine. It is fitted with a suction cup and can easily be fixed in the bathtub.



By using the EM tubes, the use of chemical disinfectant and descaling capsules (toilet stones or others) is no longer necessary. (WC stones or others). 



All plants feel very comfortable when treated with water containing EM ceramic beads. They are very hardy, flower and produce fruit regularly. Just put a few ceramic beads in the watering can (20-30 beads per 10 litres). 



Put a few ceramic beads in the wash water and leave for 10 minutes.

Ceramic beads are also recommended for longer storage and better freshness.

Even if the vegetables have already been cleaned, put some ceramic beads in the container or bag. 



Every aquarium owner should be familiar with the ceramic beads in their aquarium accessory shop. The EM ceramic tubes have in addition the features described above.

They can be placed in the inner or outer filter as well as in a corner of the aquarium.

Commonly used water treatment agents, plant fertilisers and carbon dioxide in the aquarium water are not impeded in their overall effect.

Thanks to the EM ceramic beads, the water will remain clear for longer, which means that water changes will be less frequent.


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Instructions and use
Focus on EM Ceramics



Focus on EM Ceramics


Chamarrel® has pioneered the distribution of EM ceramic beads in France. For nearly 20 years we have made it our mission to make EM ceramics known as an eco-friendly, gentle alternative, via our website, on social media platforms, at eco-fairs and other live events.

At the beginning, we faced a lot of doubt and bad reports, being called "charlatans" online, where of course, everyone is free to give their opinion. We also have seen on blogs and forums various comments comparing the selling price of EM ceramic beads. This has generated doubt and confusion among some customers,  some professionals and the general public. It is fair to wonder if a high price means better quality? ". What can also be confusing is the product descriptions on the websites, mentioning "Special this" or "special that", seeming to imply some EM ceramic have added properties compared to others, without explaining the reason.


Do you feel a bit unsure ?


At Chamarrel®, we make sure of the quality of the EM ceramics. To us there is ONLY ONE quality of EM ceramic, the one we have been distributing for nearly 20 years. It is the EM ceramics imported directly from Japan. They were developed there by Professor Teruo Higa and we chose to sell Ceramic made by following his method in Japan.


There is no EM ceramic made "especially" for one use or another, except for special figurines which simply differ in their shape, but not in their properties.


The EM ceramic can be used in many settings and there is only one variation to be mindful of : pink ceramic beads are fired at a relatively low temperature (800°C). They are therefore porous and fragile as a result. They can only be used in cool water, and need to be replaced regularly (roughly every 6 months) because they become saturated with impurities. They are otherwise very similar in use, shape and are made with the same ingredients as the more sturdy and more durable Grey EM ceramic beads (fired at 1200°C the can be used over and over for up to 10 years as long as they are cared for properly).


We sell our EM ceramic at a reasonable price and provide indications for their possible use, and guidelines regarding quantity. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and remember that a higher price is not always a sign of better quality...

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Instructions and use
Focus on EM Ceramics

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