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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.

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» » Funambulle | Magnetic wooden soap holder
Magnetic soap holder made in France.
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Funambulle | Magnetic wooden soap holder

Reference -FUNAMBPSB

The magnetic soap holder that balances soap bars upon nothing.
Zero waste and plastic-free, it enhances your pretty, carefully chosen soap bars, and let them dry quickly on every side, so you can enjoy using them longer.
Made in France, French beech wood from PEFC certified forests.
Set it up on any type of surface, including non-smooth surfaces such as mosaics or irregular tiles. Its strong adhesive will not be defeated.
Supports up to 200 g vertically.
Sold loose, per unit. Use it to hold any soap and shampoos bars you may use, except crumbly ones.
Made in France by Chamarrel®.
Choose from the 3 available shapes : a drop, a bubble or a heart.

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An aesthetic and practical soap holder. No waste and no plastic.

We like the elegance and softness of the wood and its harmonious curves. Most of the time, it disappears behind the soap. The levitating soap dries quickly, lasts longer.


The characteristics of the magnetic soap holder in a few words

Adaptable: the "Funambulle" soap holder will stick to any clean surface: mosaic, earthenware, mirror, glass, etc.

Eco-friendly and sustainable: it helps to reduce plastic packaging in the bathroom.  Its use is sustainable.

Big savings: the soap dries on all its surfaces simultaneously. Your soap has less residual waste and lasts longer, so you buy less.

Aesthetically pleasing: made of wood, 3 soft and discreet shapes to choose from. It adapts to the style of your bathroom.

Minimalist: your soap levitates in the shower, sink or bath. The "Funambulle" soap holder, already very small, completely disappears and the spotlight is on the soap.


Made in France

Chamarrel® manufactures the "Funambulle" magnetic soap holder in France. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted.


Selected raw materials.
We have chosen solid beech for our "Funambulle" magnetic soap holder. The beech wood we use is sourced from French forests, sustainably managed, It is a hard wood that resists shock and has bactericidal properties. We have realised this is the perfect wood, ideal for this use.

The wood is protected by a layer of eco-friendly water-based varnish.


How to use this elegant bathroom accessory?

You can place it on any clean surface (glass, washbasin, mirror, faience, bath).

An asset in a zero waste bathroom, it will also be welcome in the kitchen to hold the household soap or the Marseille soap used to do the dishes.



1. Insert the capsule in the centre of the soap by hand, wet your soap and lather around the capsule.

2. Where possible, allow it to dry for 8 hours before first use.

3. Set the Funambulle on the smooth, clean, dry surface of your choice, using the adhesive on its back.

4. Place your soap on the Funambulle, and let the magnet work its magic.


Tips: To remove the soap from the wooden base, remember to rotate it (rather than pulling it) so that the capsule does not come out of the soap.

If the soap is very dry, gently wet it before attempting to insert the capsule and/or push the capsule into the soap under a stream of water.


Risk of swallowing small parts.

The Funambulle soap holder is not a toy;do not leave the metal capsule within the reach of young children. .

Keep away from electronic objects. Its magnet is strong.


Please keep in mind that wood is a natural material, and its appearance may change over time. You may deem it necessary, in order to keep a satisfactory appearance to maintain it as you would other wooden accessories ( by oiling, sanding, varnishing it, or any other appropriate way to care and maintain a wooden accessory).


Made of two parts, t
he solid beech wooden support of the Funambulle hiding a powerful neodymium magnet treated with anti-rust epoxy sealing and the stainless steel capsule.

Net weight: 40 grams.

Beech "drop" support: thickness 16 mm, diameter 40 mm

Beech "heart" support: thickness 16 mm, diameter: 40 mm

Beech "bubble" support: thickness 16 mm, diameter: 40 mm


Maximum weight supported: 200 grams vertically.

Made in France.


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