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» » Organic cotton baby wipes kit | Todler
Organic cotton baby wipes kit | Todler
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Organic cotton baby wipes kit | Todler

Reference -KLBBAMB

A soft and smart kit to take care of baby's skin without wasting.
The kit contains:
- 10 double-sided wipes. One side in organic cotton and hemp fleece, and the other in GOTS certified organic cotton flannel.
- 1 nice storage bag in GOTS organic cotton

Let yourself be carried away by the softness of these washable, durable and natural wipes.
You will love the zero waste hygiene products!

Made in France in ESAT (establishment and service of help by the work) in order to support the social and solidarity economy.

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10 square wipes, double sided. 

One side in organic cotton and hemp fleece, the other in organic cotton flannel (GOTS certified).

A basket in organic cotton (GOTS) for storing the wipes.

Made in France in an establishment promoting social and solidarity economy.

Why this toddler kit?

Reducing waste is essential, but so is being careful about what we put in contact with our skin. This is even more true when it comes to our little ones.

It is with these needs in mind that the KIT Bambin was designed. At the environmental level, they avoid the "disposable" and are designed with non-polluting materials, from their production to their end of life. 

In terms of comfort, they are naturally soft! And as the cotton is organic, GOTS certified, there is no fear for the skin. Their small basket does not clutter your changing table and allows you to easily recover the Bambin wipes.

You can use them to wash your baby, to apply lotion... They are so pleasant that you will have to make sure that the rest of the family does not steal them for other uses. 

Description and characteristics

10 square wipes, size 16 cm by 16 cm, natural colour.

To adapt to all needs, the wipes have been designed with 2 usable sides:

- One in cotton and hemp fleece* (55% hemp, 45% cotton from organic farming),

- The other in GOTS cotton flannel.

Made in France in ESAT (establishment and service of help by the work: social and united economy).

 * Natural fibre, resistant, with anti-fungal and bactericidal properties.

Basket in GOTS certified organic cotton, cream colour, lined with light turquoise organic fabric.


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Use Bambin wipes alone, with liniment or another product, to clean baby.

At the end of their life, as the wipes are made only of natural materials, you can recycle them. They are even biodegradable.


Wash the wipes at 40° or less. They can be washed up to 60°, but there is a risk of slight shrinkage. 

In case of persistent stains, clean with Marseille soap or soak in stain-removing salt or percarbonate of soda.

If necessary, we recommend washing the storage bag at 30° maximum to avoid shrinkage.

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The choice of materials is one of Chamarrel®'s major concerns. Why not Tencel or Bamboo? To make washable wipes, many people turn to bamboo or Tencel (Eucalyptus fibres). These economical materials with ecological claims are far from being so in reality. From the cultivation of bamboo and eucalyptus, which destroys the biodiversity of the regions concerned, to the manufacturing processes involving solvents and the use of a lot of water (normal for transforming a rigid fibre into a fabric that is soft to the touch), these fabrics only look ecological. What about cotton? It is a natural material, easy to transform into fabric without the addition of any product. But is it grown in an environmentally friendly way? That depends on the production methods. This is why we have chosen, in most cases, GOTS organic cotton. This certification guarantees the absence of chemical treatments from production to design, but also a good use of resources (such as water), as well as beneficial working conditions for the workers. With the choice of GOTS cotton we strive to take care of your skin, which will not be in contact with irritating, allergenic or toxic products, but also of the planet! Why choose hemp? The choice of hemp is a simple and reasoned one. Hemp is a natural material produced locally that requires little water and little fertiliser. Moreover, its bactericidal and antifungal properties make it an excellent ecological ally for skin care.


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