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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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» » Recycled Plastic Toothbrush | Removable head
Recycled Plastic Toothbrush | Removable head
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Recycled Plastic Toothbrush | Removable head

Reference -BAD-RECY

A smart accessory to keep plastic waste to a minimum, an eco-friendly toothbrush.
Made in France with a sustainable mindset, the handle is made of recycled plastic, from plastic bottle caps. They are 100% recycled, durable and recyclable. The replaceable head is made if bamboo. Follow your dentist's advice while fighting plastic waste. Pick a color among the 3 available: green, red or blue. Please note that colors may vary slightly depending on the batch of recycled materials. 100% polypropylene waste (bottle caps). No chemical glue was used to set the bristles.

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Recycled toothbrush | Removable head

The no-waste mindset in action

As French chemist Antoine Lavoisier said, “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed".


Our bottle caps get a second chance, and are transformed into eco-friendly durable toothbrush handles. Let's keep making sustainable swaps and build eco-friendly routines!

Our waste is transformed into daily use products! 100% recycled and recyclable plastic handle for your toothbrush. An accessory that helps us take yet another step towards a sustainable lifestyle, more respectful of the environment.

The benefits: waste reduction. Manufacturing these only requires a small amount of raw material and very little energy so the process has a low carbon footprint.


Made in France, from recycled plastic (plastic bottle caps), collected in a closed circuit. The handle is 100% recycled plastic, made in France in a Low-Tech Lab. Production machinery, design and manufacturing process of handles all happen in the Low-Tech Lab.

The no-waste mindset is repected through the production process, any scraps of plastic is reintroduced into the production loop.


It is a great initiative fully aligned with the circular economy model and waste reduction mindset!


Toothbrush heads

Smart removable head made of Moso Bamboo, untreated and recyclable.

The bristles are soft and rounded in shape for a gum-friendly brushing experience. Replace the head regularly for effectiveness and keep the handle permanently for durability.


How to replace the head


Push the new head in turning it gently on the handle until it locks. Do not use too much pressure, even if seems tight, you would likely damage the new head. Rather keep rotating it with light pressure.


Technical details

The handle is made of 100% recycled polypropylene (from plastic bottle caps). Made in France in a Low Tech Lab. From the machines used, to the design, the raw materials and the manufacturing, all of it is French.

The removable head is made of moso bamboo, sourced responsibly, untreated, carved by an artisan, coated with natural wax.

The bristles are made of nylon-610, from castor oil (62%), no chemical glue to set the bristle. They hold on tight thanks to stainless steel medical clips. Made in China, where moso bamboo is grown.


A My Boo Company product

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