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10 Washing balls - Eco-friendly laundry
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Washing balls. Set of 10

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Clean clothes while using less detergent. Still soft, with less or no fabric softener. And even easier to iron. You think it is impossible? Let our rubber washing balls change your mind.
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Simplify your life!


Wash your clothes well, use less detergent, do without fabric softener, and still get soft, perfectly washed clothes that are easy to iron. All you have to do is slip the washing balls into the drum of your washing machine with your laundry.

How does it work?
When added to the laundry, the rubber balls act like real washers. They beat, loosen, move and knead the laundry without damaging it. As it forces it to go through the water again and again during the washing cycle and then the rinsing cycle.

To achieve the best result, you then need less detergent and you can use a shorter rinsing cycle, and save water.
The washing balls are suitable for conventional laundry. They may be combined with beaters to wash thicker and heavier fabric such as bedding, skiwear and jeans. Combining the washing balls to the laundry beaters guarantees better results for each load. 

Use the balls in the dryer if you want to loosen the laundry and use shorter drying cycles, and easy ironing. We prefer using the laundry beater in the dryer, , .


Washing balls pair up really nicely with the laundry beaters and together they are ideal for a more efficient washing of jeans, terry cloths, tennis socks, tea towels, tablecloths ... the thicker the fabric the better.  Howerver, please note they are not suitable for washing tights or lace, and some of your delicates.
Your clothes look new longer, very often allergies to laundry detergent are eased as you can use less detergent for each load, and the laundry is perfectly rinsed.
These rubber balls are also puncture-proof. They are worth the investment as you will end up saving on water and detergent, and get cleaner softer laundry.  

Softer, cleaner laundry with minimum effort. 

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