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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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Wooden toothbrush | Removable head
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Wooden toothbrush | Removable head

Reference -BAD-HE-TA

A durable accessory to care for your teeth while caring for the planet.
Made in France from beech wood. 100% recyclable. When you are done with it, change the head and keep the rest! Thanks to the removable head, the handle is truly durable. One more step to reduce household waste.
Vegan. No chemical glue was used for the bristles. Wood treated naturally, with linseed oil. Soft bristles.

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Eco-friendly toothbrush


The handle is made of beechwood sourced from sustainably managed French forests, PEFC certified, and vegan. 

To allow you to use it for as long as possible, the wood was treated with Linseed oil. 


Sustainable toothbrush


It is undeniable, this toothbrush with a durable handle have an impact on production. This results in a better use of raw material and energy savings! Pursue your waste reduction goals and lower your household's carbon footprint and your environmental impact. 

Keep doing it even further. Swap your current toothbrush for a sustainable one. 


Ergonomic toothbrush


The ends of the bristles are  to ensure the brushing is gentle on your gums 



Each of our product is made out of untreated beech wood, PEFC certified and sourced in France, and a replaceable head. It is carved in France by an artisan carpenter. 

The finishes are handmade : meticulous sanding and oiling with French organic linseed oil. We guarantee a pleasant grip!

Oiling the handle does wonders for its durability. 



The head is made of an ABS base and nylon-612 bristles

The bristles are held in place by metal staples: no chemical glue has been used. 

This beechwood toothbrush and its removable head are both vegan


Better hygiene, no waste! 




To insert or remove the head


Do not remove the head after each use to avoid premature wear. Aim to renew the head every 2-3 months as recommended by dentists. 


If it is dry, thoroughly wet the new head and wait 2 minutes before setting it on the handle.

Apply pressure to the back of the head to take it out.

Our tip : Use the new head to press on and remove the old one.
Slide the new head into the top of the handle, hold it with a thumb and clip it into place.
Do not use too much strength to remove or to insert the head into the handle, so as not to damage your toothbrush.



After every use


Thoroughly rinse the head to remove all traces of toothpaste. Do not leave the brush in contact with water, it would blacken. Let it air dry, preferably bristles up. If possible oil the wood once a year for better durability. 


Made of natural wood, the handle is designed to last a minimum of 2 to 3 years . 




The handle is made of PEFC-certified French beech wood. Length: 19cm.

Finishings : sanded by hand and oiled using organic French linseed oil. 

Made in France. 


Replaceable head 

ABS base. Nylon-612 bristles. No chemical glue. Bristles held by staples.

Bristles color: Two-tone: transparent and green. Soft bristles. 

Made in Italy. 


Could the handle break when inserting or removing the head?

This is not likely to happen when the instructions are followed and the toothbrush is used properly. The handle is strong enough to take the gentle pressure to remove and insert the head. 


However, quality control has noted that in very rare cases (between 1-3%), the head may split at the top, due to the tree quality, the drying of the wood, mainly and potentially other factors. It is inevitable and due to the very essence of wood. 

If this were to happen, the manufacturer will replace your broken toothbrush free of charge. 


A My Boo Company product 

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