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Manufacturer and distributor of natural, zero waste and sold loose solutions since 2003
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Products corresponding to all the selected criteria:
Minimalist soap holder. Your soap bars will say thank you. No Waste
A practical accessory that is also aesthetically pleasing : THE magnetic soap holder.
Made in France, this minimalist soap holder will enhance the beautiful soaps you have carefully picked.
Fast and complete drying of the soap, it can last longer.
Forget soft soap that sticks or drips. The soap bars float as if it was magic. Always at hand and no mess guaranteed.
Holds up to 200 grams vertically and up to 400 grams horizontally.
Sold loose, per unit. Compatible with any soap bars, shampoo bars and conditioner bars, except crumbly ones.
Made in France by Chamarrel®.
Recycled Plastic Toothbrush | Removable head
A smart accessory to keep plastic waste to a minimum, an eco-friendly toothbrush.
Made in France with a sustainable mindset, the handle is made of recycled plastic, from plastic bottle caps. They are 100% recycled, durable and recyclable. The replaceable head is made if bamboo. Follow your dentists' recommendations while fighting plastic waste. Pick a color among the 3 available: green, red or blue. Please note that colors may vary slightly depending on the batch of recycled materials. 100% polypropylene waste (bottle caps). No chemical glue was used to set the bristles.

Sold loose (no packaging)
Chamarrel washable sponge. Plant-based and sustainable. Zero waste.
Durable washable sponge made in GOTS certified organic cotton.
A sustainable mindset and a clean house!
The sponge is 100% natural and biodegradable.
Sold loose - No packaging.
Choose the one that suits you best or get both:
- Scrubbing sponge (one tougher side : hessian fabric and a softer side : GOTS certified organic honeycomb cotton)
- Soft sponge (both sides are soft : GOTS certified organic cotton)

Eco-friendly product.
Store Display - 21 Loose Soap holders (2 parts)
Store display. Our convenient and sturdy display will put the minimalist soap holder in the spotlight, for your customers' benefit.
We predict a high volume of sales!
Made in France by Chamarrel®.
Konjac Body sponge. Plant-based and durable. Zero waste.
100% natural and biodegradable konjac sponge. Cleanses deeply. Soft and glowing skin. Ideal for body care. Zero waste shower. Gentle enough to care for every skin type including baby skin. Sold loose, no additional packaging, no plastic blister.

Choose one of the following products:
- Natural
- Green tea
- Exfoliating (nut shell)
- Bamboo charcoal

Rectangular. 12 x 8 x 4 cm
SoMalin - Paper towel swap - kit | Organic cotton
Washable paper towel made of GOTS certified organic cotton.
No plastic or press studs for this ecological and uncompromising product.
Made in France.
A smart accessory to think sustainable in the kitchen!
Packaged in a minimalist jute pouch, it is available in a choice of 2 colours: Water Green or Red Ochre.
Wooden toothbrush | Removable head
A durable accessory to care for your teeth while caring for the planet.
Made in France from beech wood. 100% recyclable. When you are done with it, change the head and keep the rest! Thanks to the removable head, the handle is truly durable. One more step to reduce household waste.
Vegan. No chemical glue was used for the bristles. Wood treated naturally, with linseed oil. Soft bristles.

Sold loose (no packaging)
Sustainable cotton kit | TWILIGHT
A smart kit for a zero waste beauty routine.
Cleansing your skin and removing make-up gently and without waste is child's play
The kit contains:
- 7 two-sided make-up removal wipes. One side in organic cotton and hemp fleece, and the other in GOTS certified organic cotton flannel.
- 1 nice storage bag in GOTS organic cotton
- 1 washing net in GOTS organic cotton
Let yourself be carried away by the softness of these sustainable and natural cottons.

Made in France in ESAT (establishment and service of help by work) in order to support the social and solidarity economy.
Set of 4 plate covers | Charlotte - Organic cotton
Set of 4 plate covers, made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, adjustable with an elastic band.
4 different diameters: 30 cm, 24 cm, 19 cm and 12 cm, for pie dishes, salad bowls, plates or bowls.
Non-coated eco-friendly products, no plastic and no compromise.
Made in France in an ESAT.
Available in 2 colours: Water green or Deep Red.
EM ceramic beads - Recycled box of 15 grey beads
Box of 15 grey EM ceramic beads.
Useful they revitalise tap water, thus significantly improving its taste. They also help prevent limescale build-ups and can even make your fruits and vegetables remain fresh longer.

Recommended average quantity:
- in a 1L water jug (1 box - 15 beads)
- in the kettle or the dishwasher (2 boxes - 30 beads)
- in the washing machine (3 boxes - 45 beads)

Zero waste alternative. Packaging: recycled cardboard.
Instructions available in French and in English
Box Size: H 50 x 50 x 15 mm (shelf tab: 20 mm height )
Scrubbing brush | Brass
Cast iron dishes, barbecue grills, no dirt can resist the efficiency of this metal bristle scrubbing brush.

Beech wood and brass wire.
Sold individually, sold loose (without packaging).
Dimensions: H 77 mm, diameter 50 mm
Recycled box of 5 magnetic soap holders with suction cup
One tiny suction cup holding maximum weight of 200 g, to keep your soaps levitating. 5 minimalist soap holders to accessorize your home with style. Keep your soap bars longer and in better condition. Recycled cardboard box.
Made in France by Chamarrel®.
EM ceramic beads - Cotton net of 50 grey beads
Pad of 50 ceramic beads to be placed in the washing machine drum.
GOTS-certified organic cotton net, sewn and lined for optimum durability.
The interaction between the water and the ceramic beads prevents limescale build-up and promotes ideal washing and rinsing.
Zero waste alternative.
Product made in France in a solidarity way, in ESAT.
Dimensions: 8 x 8 cm. 3 cm thick.
Set of 7 durable cotton pads | TWILIGHT
7 soft and washable make-up removal squares for face care.
Cleansing your skin and removing make-up gently and without waste is child's play
The wipes have 2 sides. One side is made of organic cotton and hemp fleece, the other side is made of GOTS certified organic cotton flannel.
Made in France in ESAT (establishment and service of help by work) in order to support the social and solidarity economy.
Box of 1 Magnetic Soap holder - made in France
The best ally of soap bars is the minimalist soap holder! Innovative, minimalist and essential!
Great design and so functional. Soap bars and shampoo bars now float upright. Eco-friendly and good for your wallet too, it makes sure you are using your soaps to the full by keeping them dry between uses. They look good and are always right where you need them to be. They never slip out of your hands anymore because they remain perfectly dry. Who knew soap was so great!
Made in France by Chamarrel®.
Shopping bag, made in France and eco-friendly
Reusable and washable shopping bag, organic cotton!
Do your daily shopping in zero-waste mode and keep your products safe. Whether it's dry goods or fruit and vegetables, our organic fabric bags are suitable for all your uses. An economical and sustainable accessory.
Made in France and of course in solidarity! You will love its reasonable price and positive social impact.
Sold on its own.
Chose your favorite the net or the monogrammed Chamarrel shopping bag. Both are made in GOTS certified organic cotton down to the drawstring.
1kg of soap nuts
Laundry nuts from Pakistan (shells only): 1kg bag.
For an eco-friendly laundry, without harmful effect on the environment, for clean and soft laundry!
Konjac sponge. Plant-based and durable. Face and body. Zero waste.
Konjac, 100% natural and biodegradable sponge. Ideal for face care this sponge cleanses gently and deeply. For soft and glowing skin. Sold loose. Choose one among the following range:
- Konjac - Classic
- Konjac - Green tea
- Konjac - Lemon
- Konjac - lavender
- Konjac - bamboo charcoal
- Konjac - aloe vera
- Konjac - red clay

Half sphere. Diam. 6 cm (8 cm hydrated)
French Wooden Toothbrush Head
No more waste! Only discard the used head of your toothbrush and keep the handle of your brush and contribute to saving earth ressources and energy. What a great zero waste swap!
100% recyclable and without chemical glue, it is made of an ABS base and nylon-612 bristles. Just change the head, keep the rest! Soft bristles in transparent and green. Compatible with My Boo Company "Tête à Clac" wooden brushes.
Organic cotton baby wipes kit | Todler
A soft and smart kit to take care of baby's skin without wasting.
The kit contains:
- 10 double-sided wipes. One side in organic cotton and hemp fleece, and the other in GOTS certified organic cotton flannel.
- 1 nice storage bag in GOTS organic cotton

Let yourself be carried away by the softness of these washable, durable and natural wipes.
You will love the zero waste hygiene products!

Made in France in ESAT (establishment and service of help by the work) in order to support the social and solidarity economy.
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