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Pink Ceramic Beads - Loose and Retail - No Waste
Pink ceramic beads for carafes and pitchers. Revitalizes tap water and improves its taste. Filters by adsorption thanks to its porosity. Clay to which a mixture of useful and beneficial natural micro-organisms has been added through an airless (anaerobic) firing process.

Ceramic beads (tube shape).
Pink ceramic beads for carafes. Long lasting.
15 Pink EM Ceramic beads for decanters and pitchers only. Average quantity for a 1 litre decanter. To be adjusted at your convenience.
Fired at 800° C., the pink ceramic beads are porous which gives them their adsorption power.
Clay and natural useful microorganisms not handled.
100% recyclable cardboard box. Shelf life : 6 months.
Number of products : 2