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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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Perles de céramique EM

Vous avez déjà entendu parler des perles de céramique EM ? Elles sont élaborées au Japon selon un procédé mis au point par le professeur Teruo Higa. 

Composées d'argile et de microorganismes, elles agissent sur les molécules d'eau à leur contact. Les perles de céramique EM permettent de revitaliser l'eau et de réduire la fixation du dépôt calcaire.

Découvrez toute la gamme de perles de céramique, parmis lesquelles les perles de céramique grises, les perles de céramique roses, des méga-perles de céramique pour grand contenant ainsi que des figurines spécifiques.

Chamarrel propose la distribution des perles de céramique en vrac, au détail, mais également conditionnées au besoin.

Bonne découverte !

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EM ceramic beads - Recycled box of 15 grey beads
Box of 15 grey EM ceramic beads.
Useful they revitalise tap water, thus significantly improving its taste. They also help prevent limescale build-ups and can even make your fruits and vegetables remain fresh longer.

Recommended average quantity:
- in a 1L water jug (1 box - 15 beads)
- in the kettle or the dishwasher (2 boxes - 30 beads)
- in the washing machine (3 boxes - 45 beads)

Zero waste alternative. Packaging: recycled cardboard.
Instructions available in French and in English
Box Size: H 50 x 50 x 20 mm (shelf tab: 20 mm height )
9,90€ 8,51€
EM Special Ceramic Jug & Carafe
Clay to which a mixture of useful and beneficial natural micro-organisms has been added through an airless (anaerobic) firing process.

Special curved figure for jugs.
Up to 2L.
EM Ceramic Ideal for Cooking
EM ceramic. Ideal for cooking.
EM ceramic is made of clay mixed with micro-organisms carefully fired at a high temperature through an airless (anaerobic) process.

This dense shape makes the ceramic ideal for cooking as it can sustaing high temperature with little risk of material damage.
Ceramic EM. Special bath figure. Energises the bath water.
EM ceramic. Special bath figurine with suction cup.

Clay to which a mixture of useful and beneficial natural micro-organisms has been added through an airless (anaerobic) firing process.
Improves water quality, fights against limescale deposits. To be fixed in the bathtub with its suction cup.
Mega Ceramic Bead - No Waste Solution
Ceramic Mega Bead, sold per unit. The giant bead 35mm diameter / 35mm height and 48 grams.
Practical and effective for large quantities of water. Reduces limescale and energises the water.
The mega bead is made of clay mixed with beneficial & natural activated micro-organisms. The mix goes through an anaerobic firing process.
Each mega ceramic bead has these dimmentions: 35x35 mm for 48 grams.
Grey EM ceramic beads - Sold loose
Multi-purpose ceramic beads. Sold per unitand without packaging (loose).
Weight: 1.4 grams. Diameter : 9 millimeters. Length: 11 millimetres.
For use in jug or in a kettle. Unlimited use (over 10 years).
100% natural and compostable. The eco-responsible accessory to enjoy drinking tap water
0,60€ 0,49€