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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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House cleaning

Eco-friendly and sustainable French cleaning products include items such as  back soap, a stain-remover - a soap combining Marseille soap and bicarbonate for immediate results, and our laundry balls and beaters, these last a lifetime, they are virtually indestructible.


The vast majority of these products are sold loose, i.e. without packaging and with no plastic blister.

A wide range of well-being products, house cleaning products and personal hygiene products that contribute to the support of French craftsmanship, heritage, social and solidarity economy and to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

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Plant-based sponge, loofah squash. Ideal for the kitchen. Does not scratch.
The natural accessory to clean without scratching in zero-waste mode!
The loofah gourd fibers allow surfaces to be rubbed with no damage and no scratching.
A very good accessory that guarantees eco-friendly washing up. You can even use the loofah sponge to clean your car.
Use for house cleaning or for body care as a gentle exfoliator.

Made in France.
No packaging and no blister (sold loose)
Size: about 7 x 12 cm
Marseille soap and Baking soda stain remover
A Stain Eraser’ with the winning combo Marseille Soap and Baking Soda.
It removes even stubborn stains such as coffee stain, or berry stain, grass stain, and even blood stain. They disappear naturally. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Made in France, in Marseille. 80g
Washing-up brush | Removable head
A practical, plastic-free brush for everyday washing up.
The head is removable and can therefore be replaced without throwing away the handle.
Made of beech wood, galvanised steel and 100% vegetable fibre bristles, it is durable. Its bristles clean without scratching plates, glasses and other dishes.
Length 250 mm.
Sold individually. Sold loose (without packaging).
Washing-up brush head | Replacement head
A convenient way to keep your eco-friendly brush longer.
The head is removable, replace it easily when it is used and keep the handle. The head is made with beech wood and tampico fiber bristles. It is durable.
Great zero-waste alternative for the home in particular in the kitchen.

Diameter of the wood 40 mm. Diameter of the bristles: 70 mm.
Sold loose and individually, (no packaging).
Ergonomic washing-up brush  | Pots and pans
Ergonomic washing-up brush to remove stubborn dirt from your pots and pans and other kitchen utensils.
Made of beech wood and 100% natural fibre bristles, it is abrasive and durable.
Sold individually, loose (without packaging).
Dimensions: H 80 mm, diameter 60 mm
Just like old times, the balls and beaters beat and stir the laundry while it is in the washing machine, the result is incredible you can use less detergent for each load, and if you add beaters in the dryer, you can use a shorter cycle.
Save on laundry costs and speed up the drying of your clothes all thanks to them.
Rubber balls with an unlimited lifespan.
Made in France.
Scrubbing brush | Brass
Cast iron dishes, barbecue grills, no dirt can resist the efficiency of this metal bristle scrubbing brush.

Beech wood and brass wire.
Sold individually, sold loose (without packaging).
Dimensions: H 77 mm, diameter 50 mm
1kg of soap nuts
Laundry nuts from Pakistan (shells only): 1kg bag.
For an eco-friendly laundry, without harmful effect on the environment, for clean and soft laundry!
Genuine Marseille soap with coconut oil, in shavings, no colouring, no preservatives, no perfume. Ideal for laundry.
Genuine Marseille soap cooked in a cauldron in the old way.
Virtues : hypoallergenic & bactericidal
Recommended by dermatologists, particularly for the cleansing of sensitive skin.
Sold loose, per kilo.
White Marseille Soap Extra Pure 72% Vegetable Oils 300g
Genuine Marseille soap prepared in a cauldron in the traditional way.
Benefits: hypoallergenic & bactericidal
Recommended by dermatologists, particularly for sensitive skin.
Sold loose, per kilo.
Marseille soap with olive oil, no colouring, no preservatives, no perfume.
Genuine Marseille soap prepared in a cauldron in the traditional way.
Benefits: hypoallergenic & bactericidal
Recommended by dermatologists, particularly for sensitive skin.
Sold loose, per kilo.
Marseille soap shavings with olive oil, no colouring, no preservatives, no perfume.
Fine shavings (or flakes) of real Marseille soap with olive oil. Palm oil free. Made in a cauldron in Marseille by a company with the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label.
Sold loose, by the kilo.
Ideal for the preparation of your washing, care and other cleaning products.
Washing balls, Original rubber balls - Sold per Unit.
Washing balls Sold per Unit. Only the original rubber balls will do! Do not fall for the plastic copies which arenot as good at stirring because they roll on the laundry instead of beatting it!
Laundry beaters
Laundry beaters for the washing machine and the dryer. Sold per Unit. Made of rubber, they are virtually indestructible, use them for a lifetime.
Minimalist soap holder. Your soap bars will say thank you. No Waste
Rediscover soap bars thank to this aesthetic and very functional soap holder. It keeps the soap vertical, floating.
Mobile, attach it without having to drill or stick anything. The trick is that a strong magnet is integrated to the suction cup.
The soap is always dry and right where you need it.
And the soaps just look so cool!
Use it with any soap bar or shampoo bar unless they are crumbly products.

Sold loose (without packaging).

Origin of the suction cup: Germany (marked "Germany").
Origin of the stainless steel insert: France (marked with 2 stars)

Product sheet in pdf, available upon request.