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» » Minimalist magnetic soap holder, star or gadget?




The minimalist soap dish, which has been adopted by soap manufacturers, is in vogue. But is it just a fashion statement, just another gadget? Why focus on such a minor accessory as a soap dish? We've seen it in so many forms, from the least aesthetic to the most artistic, and in all materials, from wood to ceramics to plastic, can we really still reinvent it?


But by the way, Larousse, what is a gadget? It's an object "which seduces by its new and original character, but which is not of great use".


The minimalist soap dish is original, that's a fact, it seduces, that goes without saying. The real question is whether it is useful.



Guaranteed to dry quickly and thoroughly


Is it done? Did you choose your solid soap?

Yes, and with great care. A cold saponification, handmade, certified Bio cosmos organic perhaps, with very good quality ingredients and smells wonderful, for sure! Minimalist soap holder and dry, levitating Marseille soap - well done, that's a great choice! It would not have been out of place to choose a traditional soap, Marseille or Aleppo, with multiple properties, but that's not the point.


But then, how does this soap react to daily use? This depends to a great extent on the medium you choose for it. Perhaps it is a bit soft because it does not dry well on the side it is on. Or it may be that it is bathed in a little bit of water, oh, not much, but enough that it doesn't dry properly. 


Yes, it's an unpleasant feeling when you hold it, and it's aesthetically disappointing. But that's not all: it's a waste!

A good soap that is lost because of too much moisture, that remains soft because of insufficient drying, is a soap that lasts much less.


And that's where the minimalist soap dish comes in. It does not rest on any surface, so air can circulate freely around it and it dries quickly and thoroughly;

As a result, there is no waste that would stick to the bottom of a conventional soap dish.


Thanks to the minimalist soap dish, the soap is :


- dry and much more pleasant to use

- much more durable, for a long and economical use.


Between you and me, don't your carefully selected solid care products deserve this special treatment?


So, have you noticed the first useful feature of this soap dish? The soap dries on all its surfaces, no standing water or deposits, for a longer and more pleasant use. The problems of conventional soap dishes are solved!


In a nutshell, your soap used to stay wet on the soap dish (at least partly) even if it had drainage holes, and your washbasin was plagued by dirt and streaks and consequent waste.

With this minimalist soap dish, this is history. Because the soap does not rest on any surface, there is no more dirt and softening. Your soap and your washbasin remain clean and dry.


Serving solid careSoaps hanging vertically. Enhanced by the minimalist soap dish.

No matter how beautiful it may be, designed with noble materials such as wood, the soap dish is simply the servant of your soap, or your solid shampoo. And the minimalist soap dish does this wonderfully. Its little "minimalist" label is far from being useless.


Weighing in at just 12 grams and measuring barely more than 3 cm, it elegantly disappears into the background until it is invisible, highlighting only the essential: the soap. It presents it in its simplest form, naked. It enhances all its attributes and adds a particularity that is not the least important: it makes it levitate, gives it verticality, enhances its volume.


The soap dish is made up of two parts: a suction cup containing a powerful magnet and a stainless steel capsule to be pushed into the soap.

Small but powerful, it holds a 200 gram soap in every conceivable position. It also holds soaps weighing 400 grams and more horizontally (suction cup fixed on a horizontal plane, soap up or down)


Practical and mobile, it can be fixed without gluing or drilling, and can be moved at will. It highlights the soap, it is the soap that is the centre of attention.


A design and functional ally

Solid care products are popular, and rightly so, because they are better quality and more economical than liquid care products and do not pose the problem of multiple wastes caused by containers. As a result, they are proliferating in the bathroom. Face soap, body soap, solid shampoo, solid conditioner, shaving bar, solid deodorant and other natural wonders.


But how do you organise it all so that the bathroom remains stylish and functional? The magic even happens in the shower. Solid care in order and hanging. Thanks to the minimalist soap dish!

The minimalist soap dish has more than one trick up its sleeve. This is also its domain.

All you need is a smooth wall and you can attach your solid care products to the tiles, shower glass, bathtub or washbasin enamel, and so on, in 3 seconds. And with an inimitable style. It's sober, it's tidy and it's very designer. Everything to please!


Who said that ecological is necessarily rustic?

Its little extras? Verticality, mobility, creativity, almost art.


No more need for multiple holders, bottles and other plastic containers.


Ecological and sustainable, the minimalist soap dish accompanies the zero waste revolution in the bathroom. It promotes the reduction of plastic packaging for liquid soaps and classic soap dishes.


Made of quality materials, stainless steel in particular, it can be used without time limit. The soap is ready. It levitates in the place of your choice.

Its strong magnet allows you to put the soap back in place, even with your eyes closed in the shower.


So, in summary, what are some of its arguments?


- Minimalist: the soap levitates in the shower, sink, bathtub or any clean and smooth surface.

- Practical and mobile: easy to attach without gluing or drilling, and can be moved as needed or desired thanks to its suction cup.

- Economical: the soap dries on all its surfaces. No stagnant water or deposits, for a longer and more pleasant use.

- Ecological and sustainable: contributes to the reduction of superfluous packaging. No time limit on use.


At this point, you may still have some questions in mind. Sober, design, economical and practical. Marseille soap equipped.

But is this tiny suction cup strong enough? And is the magnet strong enough? These questions have crossed the minds of demanding master soap makers who have lifted the veil through experience. Let's take this opportunity to thank them for their trust and their enthusiastic feedback.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity, we have summoned nothing less than Shakespeare who suggests "Take everyone's opinion, but reserve your judgment".  How about testing it out so you can judge its qualities and usefulness?


In the end, is the minimalist soap dish a star or a gimmick? The straightforward answer is that its strength is that it is neither. Certainly not a gadget, because it is useful, economical, durable, mobile and designer. But it is not a star either, despite its popularity, because it willingly fades into the background, almost to the point of disappearing, simply putting the real star in the spotlight: soap.


Minimalist magnetic soap holder, star or gadget?