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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making natural, zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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» » Minimalist magnetic soap holder - Made in France | No packaging
Minimalist soap holder. Your soap bars will say thank you. No Waste
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Minimalist magnetic soap holder - Made in France | No packaging

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A practical accessory that is also aesthetically pleasing : THE magnetic soap holder.
Made in France, this minimalist soap holder will enhance the beautiful soaps you have carefully picked.
Fast and complete drying of the soap, it can last longer.
Forget soft soap that sticks or drips. The soap bars float as if it was magic. Always at hand and no mess guaranteed.
Holds up to 200 grams vertically and up to 400 grams horizontally.
Sold loose, per unit. Compatible with any soap bars, shampoo bars and conditioner bars, except crumbly ones.
Made in France by Chamarrel®.

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Minimalist magnetic soap holder | Made in France







Levitates soap bars up 200g 
Tiny yet strong. The small suction cup holds soap bars weighing up to 200 g vertically. Impressive, right? And, once it is set up the soap holder becomes invisible and the spotlight remains solely on the soap.


Playful soap holder
After the pandemic, it is important for children (and adults too) to keep the good habit of washing their hands regularly. And it becomes child play with this accessory. The soap is always within reach and they love to grab it and then put it back on the magnet and see it float in place, like magic. Don’t be surprised if kidsask to go wash their hands more often!


Overview of the main characteristics of the soap holder


  • Practical and mobile the minimalist soap holder is easily set up, no need to drill holes or to use glue, thanks to its magnetic suction cup. You can move it whenever you want, and you can even take it with you on vacation!

  • Eco-friendly and sustainableit helps reduce plastic waste, encouraging using soap bars, that require less plastic packaging. Its is a sustainable accessory.

  • Affordable : the soap dries completely on every surface simultaneously.No more stagnant water in a soap dish and the resulting gooey soap. Your soap bar lasts longer so you will need to replace it less often, which means you will save in the long run.

  • Minimalist your soap is floating or levitating in the shower, by the sink or the bathtub. The tiny magnetic soap holder disappears and all eyes are on the soap.

Extended soap life

There is no direct contact between the soap and the support.The soap remains dry,and as a result lasts much longer, get ready to be surprised.



Made in France
Chamarrel® aims to support French craftsmanship by ensuring the products are made in France by qualified craftsmen. Our minimalist magnetic soap holder was designed with this in mind. The its suction cup and stained steel capule are both made in France, and so is the display designed for the presentation of this product in store for our professional partners.


We also aim to strengthen the local economy.
The Chamarrel® minimalist soap holder is the result of a collaboration with French companies and local partners, for the design, assembly and conception of displays, and the presentation of this product in store. This results in a boost of economic activity.


Supporting the social and solidarity economy.
The design of the minimalist soap holder involves local workers with disabilities and contributes to their integration through work. The soap holder is put together in a nearby ESAT (assistance and service centres helping disabled people into work).


How to use everyone's new favourite accessory?
It is so easy! Start by placing the suction cup on a clean and smooth surface (such as glass, a mirror, the washbasin, the bathroom tiles, the bathtub or the kitchen sink).

As a precautionary measure, we recommend that you test the suction cup on the surface you have chosen, to see if it holds well.

This soap holder is now a must-have in every zero-waste bathroom, and it also has its place in the kitchen to hold your cube Marseille soap, or your favourite soap bar.



1. Insert the capsule in the centre of the soap by hand, wet your soap and lather around the capsule.

2. Allow to dry for 8 hours before first use.

3. Set the suction cup to a smooth, clean, dry and smooth surface of your choice.

4. Place the soap on the suction cup and let the magnet work its magic.


Tips: To remove the soap from the suction cup on for each use, remember to rotate it (rather than pulling it) so that the capsule does not come out of the soap.

If the soap is very dry, gently wet it before inserting the capsule and/or push the capsule into the soap under a stream of water.


Risk of swallowing small parts. The soap holder is not a toy;do not leave the metal cap and suction cup within the reach of small children. .

Do not damage the magnet. Do not use metal tools to handle it (pliers, etc.) to avoid rust.

Keep away from electronic objects. Its magnet is strong.


Make sure to clean the suction cup and the magnet part with clear water on a weekly basis and let them dry in order to avoid residues that could damage the seal of the magnet.


Made of small parts, young children may swallow small parts. Always supervise children when they use the soap holder to make sure they do not put one of the parts in their mouth.

Be careful to keep electronic items away from the magnet to avoid any interference or malfunction.


Accessory made up of 2 parts: a suction cup equipped with a powerful magnet and a capsule to be inserted into a bar of soap.

Neodymium magnet with anti-rust epoxy sealing.

Stainless steel capsule.

Net weight: 12 grams.

Diameter of suction cup: 3.5 cm / Height of suction cup + magnet: 1.5 cm

Diameter of capsule: 2.2 cm / Capsule height: 0.5 cm

Magnet colour: silver


Maximum weight supported :

200 g:  vertically (in most cases).

400 g : horizontally (suction cup fixed on a horizontal plane)
Made in France.

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