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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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» » Cube 100g - Marseille Soap | Olive Oil
Marseille soap with olive oil. Authentic. Cube 100g
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Cube 100g - Marseille Soap | Olive Oil


Authentic Marseille Soap made traditionally in a cauldron following the ancestral way.
Made in France, in Marseille.
Virtues : hypoallergenic & bactericidal
Recommended by dermatologists for the cleansing of sensitive skin.

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Description and composition of Marseille soap

Olive oil soap, made under the oversight of a master soap maker, hot, according to ancient craft. No colouring agents, no preservatives no added perfume. 


PURE OLIVE*: Guaranteed with no palm oil

* May contain up to 20% coconut oil (except in winter)




Appearance: Solid bar

Colour: Green

Odour: Characteristic

pH in solution (1%): 9-11

Usage: Body hygiene / Household maintenance



  • Avoid contact with the eyes.
  • The product should be used diluted with water and rinsed thoroughly with clean water.
  • Store the product at room temperature.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures.

Net weight: 100g - weight taken from fresh soap


Composition INCI : Olea europaea fruit oil, Aqua, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium chloride 


Translation into French: Huile d'olive, Eau, Traces de soude extraite de sel marin

PURE OLIVE*: PALM OIL FREE - *may contain up to 20% COCO OIL (except in winter)



What does it mean to buy a handcrafted and authentic Marseille soap?

As it is authentic and handmade, don't be surprised by the following :


The weight
Your 300 grams cube only weighs 270g? No need to panic. The soap is weighed fresh. It is normal for the weight to fluctuate during the drying process.
This phenomenon is called desiccation, it  means that over time the soap, continually dries out. And as it dries, it loses weight, because the water it contains evaporates. Depending on the degree of drying, the soap can weigh from 5% to 25% less than its fresh weight (so 220g for a 300g soap).
Yet you don't lose anything, on the contrary! A dry soap has more concentrated properties, and lasts longer as it does not easily desintegrate when in contact with water.


The degree of drying
The soap is produced by the Le Sérail soap factory. Its degree of drying varies according to the date of production. A recent production date, means a soap that is not very dry.

If the soaps you have received in your order seem too soft for you, all you have to do is leave them to airdry in the open air on receipt. The soaps are sensitive to weather conditions, in particular humidity level, which have an impact on the appearance of the end product and on the drying process.


White film
A white film often appears on good quality unrefined soaps. It is not mould, it is simply the result of the manufacturing process, and in particular the washing of the soap paste in salt water. It can thicken as the soap dries. If it bothers you visually, it is easy to remove this white powdery film : simply rub the soap off under water. But it really is the guarantee that you have received quality unrefined soaps, made with 100% natural ingredients. 


The colouring of Marseille soap
The colouring of the soaps varies from one batch to the next. Indeed, it depends on the shade of the oils used. Moreover, as it dries, each soap lightens. The soap made with 72% Olive Oil becomes a lighter shade of green, while the one made with coconut oil tends to become more yellow or orange as it dries. These colours and their variations are normal, they are natural and specific to artisanal and non-refined soaps. So don't be surprised!

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Description and composition of Marseille soap

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