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» » Traditionnal Aleppo Soap 40 %
Aleppo Soap  enriched with 40 % Bay laurel oil
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Traditionnal Aleppo Soap 40 %

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Traditionnal Aleppo Soap
Made in Syria according to the ancestral recipe, it is 4000 years old : the soap bars are sun dried made with cold-pressed olive oil and enriched with 40% bay laurel oil and dried in the sun

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About Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap, is the ancestor of Marseille soap, enriched with 40% bay laurel oil this particular one is made in stone cauldrons by a master soap maker who, with a subtle mixture of water, natural soda, olive oil and bay laurel oil creates a soap full of widely appreciated benefits.
Olive oil nourishes the skin and dilates the pores to allow deep cleansing.
Bay laurel oil restores the protective hydro lipid film on the skin.
Its hyperemic and antiparasitic action gives Aleppo soap valued dermatological properties.
It is very beneficial when used on sensitive skin prone to pimples, redness as well as eczema, psoriasis, acne...
It can also be used as a shampoo, as an ingredient fo a home made face mask, or as shaving foam... Its smoothness provides a wonderful sensation of well-being that lasts. Some people also use them in the closets,  to keep moth away from their favourite outfits...
If you rub the dry Aleppo soap on a mosquito bite, it also helps relieve the itchy feeling.

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About Aleppo soap


  • Made traditionally, according to the ancestral recipe, from at least 4 000 years ago.
  • Made in Syria - Natural product.
  • Exceptional quality .
  • First cold pressing extra virgin olive oil.40 % d’huile de baies de laurier. 
  • No colouring. no added perfume. No antioxydants
  • Weight : about 200g according to the degree of desiccation.

Ingredients in order of importance :

Sodium olivate, sodium laurate, Aqua, sodium hydroxyde

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About Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap is made with olive oil and bay leaf oil.

Before 1950, all the inhabitants of Syria made their soap with these two ingredients. The oils were first pressed because at that time there were no factories capable of pressing the waste and pits of the olives (pomace).
Syria was under French mandate from 1920 to 1946. Engineers developed a process to extract more oil from the olives by pressing the pomace (residue of the first pressing) with a solvent.
Since then, the quantities of Aleppo soap produced have exploded because the oil is cheap. Today, many Aleppo soaps are made with this solvent extracted olive oil.
During the reports, we are never shown the method of extraction. Why is that?
The only ones who tell us the method of extraction are those who sell Aleppo soaps with oil extracted by pressure.  Why not the others? 

Here are the real questions to ask without relying solely on the word of the seller.


  • Quality of oils: 100% olive oil? (possible blending with palm oil) 
  • Method of extraction: Pressure or solvent? 
  • Number of pressings: 1st, 2nd or last pressing?
  • Precisepercentage of oils used.

The stamp on Aleppo soaps does not give a guarantee of quality, it is simply the name of the soap maker, as in our country where each soap has a name or a brand.
The terms used, such as "Genuine Aleppo soap" "The only soap of Aleppo" "The real Aleppo soap" have no meaning.
The oil extracted from the pomace is dark green, which gives the usual colour of Aleppo soap. The brown exterior colour of the soaps is due to oxidation.
Aleppo soaps with the oil of first pressure have a light green colour, there is very little oxidation.


The method of extraction, pressure or solvent, is valid for all vegetable oils.

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About Aleppo soap

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