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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making natural, zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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» » Loofah Sponge | Size L - 25 cm
Loofah Sponge size L - 25 cm
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Loofah Sponge | Size L - 25 cm

Reference -LOO-L

Raw Loofah 100% natural. Durable and compostable.
Ideal body sponge, or even as a regular sponge to clean around the house.
Sold loose and compressed (no packaging no plastic blister).
Multi-purpose, 100% natural fiber, 100% biodegradable

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Uses and maintenance
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True natural sponge of the Cucurbitaceae family.

Loofah size L.

Length: 25 cm.

Diameter: 10-12 cm

The size is given approximately.

Delivered compressed, i.e. flattened.


Why does Chamarrel sell compressed loofah?
Because it has a positive impact on the environment. When the loofah is compressed its volume is 5 times smaller. In term of packaging and transportation, it means much less waste. And this is perfectly in line with Chamarrel’s core values.


Is the compressed loofah poor quality or less beautiful? Not at all!

The quality of the loofah and its fibers remain intact. It instantly regains its full volume as soon as it is immersed in water (see the above video).

Compressed or not, before its first use, the loofah was bought loose, therefore the sterilization step is a must. Thank you for your support to this zero waste approach!


Natural product, raw, cultivated and prepared in Egypt (where the plant grows).

Sold loose and compressed, no packaging no blister.

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Uses and maintenance
Other sizes




Use as a shower sponge


Loofah fibres (loofah, luffa) retain water and soap, and the more they are moistened, the softer they become. The exfoliating power of loofah removes dead skin and impurities. Stimulates blood circulation and fights cellulite. Ideal for exfoliating areas known to be dry such as elbows, knees or heels.

Recommendations: Wet the loofah and soap it, then rub the body and rinse under the shower.


Use as a cleaning sponge 

The natural fibres of the loofah are rough enough to clean all surfaces well, but not so rough as to scratch them. Loofah can therefore be used as a sponge for cleaning dishes, worktops or the car, in combination with natural products such as Marseille soap.



Before first use

It is advisable to soak the loofah for about ten minutes in boiling water or to put it in the washing machine (hot cycle, 60°C). Once in the water, the loofah will instantly and permanently regain its full volume. It will be clean and healthy, ready for use.


Daily use

Moisten the loofah before each use to soften the fibres


After use

Rinse the loofah under running water, shake it dry, and let it dry to avoid the development of bacteria in its fibres.



To ensure that your loofah is always used in optimal hygienic conditions, soak it in boiling water for about ten minutes once a week.

Your loofah is also machine washable up to 60°C.

Tip: at your convenience, the use of tea-tree essential oil (known for its antibacterial properties) will ensure your loofah remains hygienically clean. This so-called broad-spectrum essential oil is active against all types of parasites, microbes and fungi.


Time to get a new one?
Your loofah is very durable and can be stored for several months without difficulty. When you think it is time to renew it, throw the old one in the compost or directly into the soil. 100% biodegradable, it will decompose quickly.

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Uses and maintenance
Other sizes



Chamarrel offers the Loofah in 3 additional sizes:


 - Loofah sponge | size M (a loofah 15 cm long for about 10 cm in diameter) to replace your shower flower, offering a good grip and a larger surface to clean the whole body,


- Loofah sponge | size S (a loofah 10 cm long and about 8 cm in diameter): ideal for use as a kitchen sponge, with a good grip.


- Loofah | Size XL Extra long whole loofah 60 cm approximately. Ideal for cutting to size.




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Uses and maintenance
Other sizes

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