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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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Chamarrel washable sponge. Plant-based and sustainable. Zero waste.
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Washable sponge | Organic cotton

Reference -EPLCBCH-G

Durable washable sponge made in GOTS certified organic cotton.
A sustainable mindset and a clean house!
The sponge is 100% natural and biodegradable.
Sold loose - No packaging.
Choose the one that suits you best or get both:
- Scrubbing sponge (one tougher side : hessian fabric and a softer side : GOTS certified organic honeycomb cotton)
- Soft sponge (both sides are soft : GOTS certified organic cotton)

Eco-friendly product.

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Washable sponge | Organic cotton


Washable sponge made of GOTS organic cotton fabric for washing dishes or cleaning.

It is suitable for all surfaces with a choice of :

one side in honeycomb cotton and the other in micro cotton sponge

one side in honeycomb cotton and the other in natural hessian.

Made in France in ESAT (establishment and service of help by the work: social and united economy).


Why a washable sponge?


Are you throwing away the sponge? Not so fast, there are ecological alternatives to the traditional synthetic sponge, which cannot be recycled, or to the cellulose sponge (which is already better if you forget the chemicals used to transform the wood). A sponge made of natural material, durable and washable is what we need. It is with these objectives in mind and the one of ease of use that we designed this fabric sponge.

In order to make it truly ecological, we chose a GOTS organic cotton and a natural Kapok padding. Kapok is made from the fruit of the Kapok tree, so it is 100% naturally sourced and unprocessed, and has the advantage of being rot-proof. Thus, well maintained, your sponge will not be a nest of mould and bacteria.

The 2 sides are made of a different fabric, so you can choose the most suitable side according to the task to be done.


Technical characteristics :


For the soft sponge : 


- One side made of GOTS organic honeycomb cotton

- One side in GOTS organic cotton micro terry

- Natural Kapok padding


For the scrubbing sponge : 


- One side in GOTS organic honeycomb cotton

- One side in natural jute.

- Natural Kapok padding

 Dimensions 12cm by 8cm




Choose the sponge and its side according to whether you want it to be more abrasive or more absorbent. You can use the sponge with or without product.

After use, it is best to rinse the sponge well and then wring it out by squeezing it in your hand and leave it to dry in the open air.

Keep the sponge away from the gas cooker, as Kapok is flammable.


Our advice for best use


Wash the sponge at 40°. Machine washable.

After many uses, it is possible that the padding may clump together, in which case wash it and let it dry. Once dry, you can easily rebalance it.


Are sponges really eco-friendly?


If you're switching to washable sponges, it's because you care about the impact our habits have on the planet. Good for you! But did you know that some washable sponges are not ecological? This is the case with microfiber sponges, for example. Although very practical, microfibre fabrics are made from a synthetic fibre (derived from petroleum). To ensure that your sponge is environmentally friendly, check its composition.

In order to guarantee the most natural composition possible, we have chosen to make these sponges from GOTS cotton. GOTS organic certification not only ensures that the cotton is made from untreated fibres from production to design, but also that resources (such as water) are used properly and that working conditions are beneficial to the workers.

The songes are filled with Kapok, a 100% natural fiber fobtained rom the fruits of the Bombacaceae plant.

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