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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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» » Washing balls & beaters. Set of 6 balls and 4 beaters.
Just like old times, the balls and beaters beat and stir the laundry while it is in the washing machine, the result is incredible you can use less detergent for each load, and if you add beaters in the dryer, you can use a shorter cycle.
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Washing balls & beaters. Set of 6 balls and 4 beaters.

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Save on laundry costs and speed up the drying of your clothes all thanks to them.
Rubber balls with an unlimited lifespan.
Made in France.

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For beating and stirring your laundry.


Save on laundry care costs and speed up the drying of your clothes.
These washing balls and beaters are made to last.
They can handle even the toughest laundry detergents.
They can handle high temperature cycles.
They are wear-free (non industrial use). 
They help speed up drying.
Action :

You have probably heard that in old times washerwomen used to beat and stir the laundry, with great results. Well, the washing balls and beaters have a similar action in the washing machine. Their action distributes the detergent better, and as a result, you get cleaner laundry and you can use the beaters in the dryer, so the laundry dries faster too.

Use them with white and colours, with or without pre-wash.

Put 6 washing balls and 4 beaters straight in the drum of your washing machine and reduce the amount of detergent - reduce the amount of fabric softener or leave it out - wash at normal temperatures. And tell us the result.
The balls or beaters can remain in the machine with no risk of damaging the drum.
Adjust the amount to the load. For a lighter load (2/3 kg for example) reduce the number of balls by half
For wool : Use 4 or 5 balls. Do not use systematically

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