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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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» » SoMalin - Paper towel swap - kit | Organic cotton
SoMalin - Paper towel swap - kit | Organic cotton
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SoMalin - Paper towel swap - kit | Organic cotton

Reference -KSOMBIO-R

Washable paper towel made of GOTS certified organic cotton.
No plastic or press studs for this ecological and uncompromising product.
Made in France.
A smart accessory to think sustainable in the kitchen!
Packaged in a minimalist jute pouch, it is available in a choice of 2 colours: Water Green or Red Ochre.

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7 sheets of paper towels made of organic cotton fabric (GOTS), one side honeycomb and one side printed cotton.


1 basket in jute fabric, inside in organic printed cotton (GOTS).


Made in France in ESAT (establishment and service of help by the work: social economy and solidarity).


Why chose this over paper towel? 


Let's face it, paper towels are really practical. But if you think about the deforestation, the chemicals used to make it white as snow and the waste it generates, it suddenly seems much less friendly. So why not switch to a washable alternative?

Thanks to its honeycombed surface, it retains its ability to absorb liquids or mop up. So you can deal with life's little accidents without cluttering up your bin. And because it is durable, at the end of the year, your wallet will also thank you.

Also to take care of the planet but also of your skin, it is made of 100% organic fabric (GOTS). 

Finally, its basket, which can be hung up, will allow you not to clutter your kitchen and to keep a simple gesture to use your paper towel.


Description and characteristics  


Two designs and colours are available to choose from:

- A white printed cotton paper towel with red and black poppies. Red honeycomb fabric.

- A light green and white printed cotton paper towel with leaves. Light green honeycomb fabric.

Sold in packs of 7 sheets of 22 by 25 cm each.

To store your paper towels, we offer a suitable basket made of jute. It has a printed fabric lining in the same colour as your paper towel (also GOTS), protecting it from the jute fibres, and a handle for hanging it up. The natural, neutral colour of jute allows it to blend in with most interiors. 




Use it as a classic paper towel, honeycomb side to absorb, wipe ...

But after use, head for the dirty clothes basket. At the end of its life, in many years I hope, as it has no plastic or metal materials it can be recycled and as it is made of organic cotton it is even compostable.

To remove the ugly stains that would become ugly over time, use Marseille soap or the stain removal salt with active oxygen (effective even on colours).


Our advice for best use


We recommend washing them at 30°C.

As it is made of cotton, a slight shrinkage can be noticed at the first wash, without altering the qualities and characteristics of the product.


Our choice of fabrics


We have chosen GOTS certified organic cotton because we care a lot about our environment. Unlike bamboo, tencel or even microfibre fabrics, cotton is a 100% natural material from its cultivation to its transformation. Choosing GOTS cotton ensures that there are no chemical treatments from production to design, but also that resources (such as water) are used efficiently and that working conditions are beneficial for the workers.

Bamboo and Tencel fabrics, which are often used, require the use of a lot of solvents in the transformation of the rigid fibre into a soft and flexible material.  

Microfibre is not natural, as it is a synthetic fibre (derived from oil).

With the choice of GOTS cotton we strive to take care for your skin, which will not be in contact with irritating, allergenic or toxic products, but also for the planet!

As for jute fabric, it requires little water for its cultivation. It does not need pesticides or fertilizers to grow. It is preferably processed manuall (the  process is called retting) for its transformation. 

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