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Brush for Veg'
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Brush for Veg'

Reference -BLEG

A small kitchen brush to takes care of seasonal fruits and vegetables. with bristles made from plant fibers, it cleans thoroughly without altering your fresh produce. It has two different types of bristles to adapt to your needs. Hard bristles for vegetables, and softer bristles for fruits and delicate produce.

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Brush for Veg'

It is a very practical accessory for all who love organic fruits and veg, straight from the garden or from the farmer's market. For all trying to get their nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants from their food, this little tool that preserves the skin of fresh produce while cleaning them thoroughly .
No need to peel the veg'! most of the vitamins are found in the skin, retire your vegetable peeler and enjoy your food.

137 mm x 53 mm (5 x 2 inches)

How to use :
Remember to use the side with soft bristles for fruits and the less flexible bristles for vegetables.

After use, let the brush dry with its bristles down, it will look new longer.
From time to time, to preserve the wood of your brush, apply oil on the wood.

Made of:
Beechwood. Bristles are made with natural fibers : tampico and union (mix of fibers from the agave plant and the veins of the Palmera).


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