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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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Grey EM ceramic beads - Sold loose
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Ceramic beads - Sold loose per unit

Reference -PG09VR

Multi-purpose ceramic beads. Sold per unitand without packaging (loose).
Weight: 1.4 grams. Diameter : 9 millimeters. Length: 11 millimetres.
For use in jug or in a kettle. Unlimited use (over 10 years).
100% natural and compostable. The eco-responsible accessory to enjoy drinking tap water

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Ceramic beads - Sold loose and per unit



  • In the carafe, 10 to 15 pearls. Tap water is lighter and tastes better (wait 30 minutes for the first use, then refill the carafe as you go.
  • In the kettle, 12 to 25 pearls. Radically reduces limescale deposits.
  • In the washing machine. 50 pearls (in a cotton pouch or sock, well knotted). Less limescale build-up. Increased washing power (less detergent)
  • In the fruit basket or vegetable bin of the refrigerator. A dozen beads. Longer shelf life, less odour, less rotting.
  • In the dishwasher. 15 to 30 pearls in a cotton bag or in the cutlery tray. Perfect wash, rinse and shine results with less product.
  • In flower pots and vases. Longer shelf life. Less frequent water changes.
  • In the shoe cupboard, a handful of pearls help to neutralise odours
  • In the toilet flush tank, to prevent limescale deposits. A handful (or a mega-pearl).

EM ceramics consist of clay fermented with natural, unmodified, effective micro-organisms and fired at 1200° C. The multiple characteristics of EM are preserved in the clay. On contact with water, the information (frequencies) of the ceramic is transmitted to the water. The quality of the water improves and remains fresher.


Made of clay, ceramic beads are 100% natural and biodegradable. They allow you to drink tap water without the unpleasant taste of chlorine or other substances.

Drinkable and of good quality in France, tap water, although less expensive, is sometimes shunned by children and adults alike because of its taste, which is considered unpleasant depending on the region and the sensations of each person.  Ceramic beads improve the quality and taste of the water, making it pleasant to drink, and at no extra cost.

This helps to combat the proliferation of plastic waste caused in part by the purchase of bottled water. They also considerably reduce the budget at the same time, as bottled water is excessively expensive in addition to being extremely polluting.


Ceramic beads have a definite ecological interest and are synonymous with savings. Without packaging, they avoid the production of unnecessary waste. The fact that ceramic beads are sold in loose does not make them any less hygienic, as they must first be sterilised before being used.


The number of ceramic beads you need depends on your use. It would be pointless to buy 30 when 25 are sufficient.

When purchased in retail, ceramic beads allow you to adjust your purchase to your needs.

For example, depending on the hardness (presence of limescale) of your tap water, you may need to add a few more ceramic beads than the average recommendation. It's easy with retail beads, and it's also more economical!



The above quantities are given as an indication and must be adapted to your use, and to the quality of your tap water.

They can be increased or decreased at your convenience.

Do not hesitate to combine them with pink ceramic pearls or binchotan charcoal, without risk of undesirable effects.


Before using for the first time, immerse the ceramic pearls in boiling water for 10 minutes, then leave them to dry. This can be done about once a month, or when you feel that the effect of the ceramic beads is less noticeable.

You can also rub them gently with a small brush or loofah if you wish.


Original products - Made in Japan according to the work of Professor Teruo Higa


Chamarrel® uses the services of an independent French laboratory which carries out radioactivity tests, and certifies the absence of radioactivity in the ceramic beads. 


EM ceramic beads are an eco-responsible alternative that arouses as much enthusiasm as questions about their action, their effectiveness, their origin, their interest compared to other more widespread solutions such as binchotan charcoal. The answers to the recurring questions allow us to go further.

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Les micro-organismes efficaces.



Photosynthetic bacteria:

Photosynthetic bacteria play a vital role in the action of effective microorganisms. Thanks to sunlight and the warm soil, they  transform root fumes, organic matter and harmful gases into nutrients (photosynthesis). Plants can directly assimilate their metabolic products. In addition, photosynthetic bacteria stimulate the reproduction of other bacteria and fix nitrogen.


Lactic acid bacteria:

Lactic acid bacteria have a powerful sterilizing action. They reduce harmful microorganisms and speed up the decomposition of organic matter. They can, among other things, prevent the reproduction of Fusarium, a harmful mould.



Yeasts provide nutrients and antimicrobial substances necessary for plant growth. Their metabolic substances constitute food for other bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria and actinomycetes.



Actinomycetes destroy harmful molds and preserves photosynthetic bacteria.


Fermenting moulds:

Fermenting molds quickly break down organic substances, contributing to reduce odours. They also prevent the spread of harmful insects.

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Les micro-organismes efficaces.

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