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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.

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» » Washing-up brush head | Replacement head
Washing-up brush head | Replacement head
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Washing-up brush head | Replacement head

Reference -RECH-BVTA-CHA

A convenient way to keep your eco-friendly brush longer.
The head is removable, replace it easily when it is used and keep the handle. The head is made with beech wood and tampico fiber bristles. It is durable.
Great zero-waste alternative for the home in particular in the kitchen.

Diameter of the wood 40 mm. Diameter of the bristles: 70 mm.
Sold loose and individually, (no packaging).

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Washing-up brush head | Eco-friendly replacement



Your previous brush head was worn out? Replace it in 3 seconds or less and keep washing dishes without scratching. Use it on plates, glasses and everything else if you want to. Always be ready with a replacement head!



Assembling the new brush head to your handle
1. Locate the small metal ring, then pull it towards you to unlock the previous used head.

2. Remove the worn out head.

3. Position the new brush by placing the metal tabs on the handle into the slot provided.

4. Push the metal ring all the way down towards the brush head to lock it in place.


And that's it! Your zero-waste brush is back in business, ready to tackle down many morechores.


Technical characteristics :
- Raw beech wood
- Tampico plant fibres (from agave)
- Made in Europe


70 mm x 40 mm, beech and tampico


Before first use, and from time to time, rub a little bit of oil onto the wooden parts of your brush. The wood will absorb the oil and will be protected, so you can use it longer.

Do not leave the brush in water after use. 

Do not put the brush in the dishwasher.



For a more efficient and eco-friendly approach, choose one of our brushes. They are all made of natural materials. Easy on the eyes and easy to use and practical, they will fit perfectly in with your kitchen.


Why use a brush to wash the dishes?
To combine efficiency, simplicity and care for the environment. The dishbrush allows you to get rid of stubborn stains that resisted the washable sponge (made of fabric of course!).

No plastic, durable with its replaceable head, made of wood and natural fibres, it fits perfectly into the zero waste approach. It has a hanging hook for quicker drying and more convenience.

It is gentlen on your dishes, thanks to its non-abrasive bristles, and clean without scratching. 

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