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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.
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» Washables Organic cotton
Washables Organic cotton

Introducing a washable and zero waste living range made from carefully chosen natural fabrics, predominantly organic. This collection puts the spotlight on organic cotton, hessian, and hemp, offering practical and reusable everyday accessories that contribute to a zero-waste lifestyle.


Made in France, in collaboration with ESAT (assistance and service centers supporting disabled individuals in employment), our products include washable sponges, reusable makeup remover wipes, eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen towels, soft baby wipes, save-soap nets, and more.


These easy swaps are a great way to begin adopting a zero-waste mindset.


Reducing waste involves gradually rethinking your entire lifestyle. Many individuals are embracing this challenge daily, adopting greener habits, new routines, and more eco-responsible behaviors for an overall better use of resources. Chamarrel offers a curated selection of quality, sustainable products, minimizing unnecessary packaging and promoting loose item sales where possible. These everyday solutions, made from natural fibers, and eco-responsible tips, aim to guide you towards a no-waste lifestyle. Join us! Take that first step, and let us assist you on this journey.



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