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Since 2003, Chamarel has worked on making zero-waste altenatives, often sold loose.

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Plant-based sponge, loofah squash. Ideal for the kitchen. Does not scratch.
The natural accessory to clean without scratching in zero-waste mode!
The loofah gourd fibers allow surfaces to be rubbed with no damage and no scratching.
A very good accessory that guarantees eco-friendly washing up. You can even use the loofah sponge to clean your car.
Use for house cleaning or for body care as a gentle exfoliator.

Made in France.
No packaging and no blister (sold loose)
Size: about 7 x 12 cm

x3 (Best-seller) / x5 or x1
Scented Marseille Soap | 150 grams
Scented Marseille soap. Cube of 150 grams.
With crushed lavender, rose petals, red vine or crushed mint, their delicate fragrances are marvellous.
Made in France, in Marseille.
Sold without packaging (loose).
Oeko-Tex bamboo Hair towel
Made in France, our bamboo hair towel, certified Oeko-Tex, respects both hair and scalp. Gentle and efficient.

How to use it?

After the shampoo, dry your hair thoroughly, thanks to its great absorption (three times faster than a cotton towel).
After applying your conditionner or mask, wrap up your hair in the towel, to enhance the benefits of the treatment.

Care for your bamboo towel:

In the wash at 60°C
Box of 1 Magnetic Soap holder - made in France
Soap bars now have the ideal companion : the minimalist soap holder! With innovative, minimalist design, it not only looks great but is also functional. Keep soap and shampoo bars upright and dry. Pairing eco-friendliness and wallet-friendliness, prevent wastage by keeping your soaps dry between uses. Made in France by Chamarrel®, soaps are always within reach and never slip from your hands. Re-discover the greatness of soap with this accessory!

Additionally, enjoy an eco-friendly and cost-effective delivery option in an envelope. The soap holder will be delivered with instructions and a flattened box, (set it all up in 10 seconds or less).
Organic Donkey Milk Soap - Cold processed
Exceptional quality.
Made in France with 40% raw organic donkey milk
Moisturizing, soothing and hypoallergenic. Cold processed.
Our soaps are certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife according to Cosmos standards.
Ingredients are 100% plant based. With 100% organic donkey milk.
90 g
Minimum storage date 12 months
No preservative and no dye.
Sold in its individual recycled cardboard box
Soap pouch XL | Organic cotton
Made in France, this organic cotton pouch is made so you can insert a soap bar or shampoo bar in it. The pouch provides excellent lather and gentle exfoliation.
With a double drawstring also made of organic cotton, you will have a better grip of the soap and will be able to hang it up. It is also very useful when traveling. Always have a soap bar with you.
Made in France and supportive of solidarity economy, of course.
A smart accessory, organic down to the drawstring !
Size: 11x11cm.

Also available in a smaller size to make sure to use your favourite soap and shampoo to the very end. (7x9cm)
Shampoo bar | Zero waste
This shampoo bar is the one! Made in France with no sulfates, no silicone, no dyes and no preservatives. Simple formula that is extremely respectful of your health and the environment. With the right amount of foam it is easy to apply to your wet hair.
Suitable for pregnant women, nursing moms and children young. It has an ergonomic shape. It will leave the hair silky (no need to use a conditioner afterwards).
2 in 1 Shampoo bar that conditions your hair 70 g.
In our range we have 3 different shampoos :
The Essential | For every hair type: Sunflower oil, white clay and fragrance of natural origin.
The Virtuous | For oily hair: Hazelnut oil, green clay and fragrance of natural origin.
The Generous | For dry hair: Wheat germ oil, red clay and fragrance of natural origin.
Brand: ManaMani
Period underwear - Made in France - Organic cotton - Regular Flow - In Black
Period underwear, made in France, designed to make periods easier, and achieving our zero-waste goals! Certified Made in France!

Simple and timeless design - in Black
Sizes available from XXS to XXL.
34,90€ 29,90€
Cold processed soap bars | Zero waste
Gentle, foaming, and moisturizing soaps for the whole family.
Choose your favorites among the following three:
- "Tout Simplement," neutral, no essential oils, no fragrance, and suitable even for baby's skin.
- "Belle Île" with fragrant notes of fir, mint, and rosemary.
- "Matin Calme" with delicate notes of lemon and verbena.
100-gram soap.
Cold-processed in France.
Konjac sponge. Plant-based and durable. Face and body. Zero waste.
Konjac biodegradable sponge. Ideal for face care this sponge cleanses gently and deeply. For soft and glowing skin.
Sold loose. Choose one among the following range:
- Konjac - Classic
- Konjac - Green tea
- Konjac - Lemon
- Konjac - lavender
- Konjac - bamboo charcoal
- Konjac - aloe vera
- Konjac - red clay

Half sphere. Diam. 6 cm (8 cm hydrated)
6,90€ 5,04€
All-in-one set of washable cotton wipes | Patented design
Stand out with this registered and patented design with wipe dispenser, including soft and durable make-up wipes, made in France.

This all-in-one kit is the perfect accessory for an eco-responsible beauty routine, down to make up wipes. It is an unprecedented experience. Designed as a set, it includes all accessories needed, for an optimized zero-waste experience.

In this set : 1 linen pouch to store your clean wipes, 15 super soft washable cotton wipes, 1 integrated and removable washing net matching the pouch
Hang the pouch if possible, or place it where you need it.

Natural materials only.
Designed and made in France.

Brand: Manamani. Licensed product.
Cleanser bar | In its Box
A cleanser bar, made in France.
A formula with 100% of ingredient from natural origin. The cleanser is pleasant to use and so gentle on the skin it is called 'Le Nuage' (French for the cloud). It is however tough on impuritiesand makeup, even waterproof makeup is removed easimy. Long-lasting despite its small size : 35g . Sold in its aluminium travel box. Also available without packaging.
Set of washable kitchen towels | Full set includes 10 towels
Are you ready to stop buying disposable paper towels? Choose a convenient and versatile solution : go for ultra-absorbent washable mini kitchen towels and their duo of hessian baskets. One basket holds the clean towels and after use, the dirty towels go in the other basket (the one with a black stripe).
This clever set is made in France with selected materials. It includes:

- 10 ultra-absorbent washable paper towels
- 2 hessian baskets to keep clean towels separate from used ones.
Authentic Binchotan Handmade & Sold loose | Chamarrel
Drink pure water wherever you are with the Binchotan active charcoal stick for water bottles. Find our Japanese charcoal sticks on
Konjac Body sponge. Plant-based and durable. Zero waste.
From natural and biodegradable konjac sponge. Cleanses deeply. Soft and glowing skin. Ideal for body care. Zero waste shower. Gentle enough to care for every skin type including baby skin. Sold loose, no additional packaging, no plastic blister.

Choose one of the following products:
- Natural
- Green tea
- Exfoliating (nut shell)
- Bamboo charcoal

Rectangular. 12 x 8 x 4 cm