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Washing-up brush | Removable head
A practical, plastic-free brush for everyday washing up.
The head is removable and can therefore be replaced without throwing away the handle.
Made of beech wood, galvanised steel and 100% vegetable fibre bristles, it is durable. Its bristles clean without scratching plates, glasses and other dishes.
Length 250 mm.
Sold individually. Sold loose (without packaging).
Minimalist soap holder. Your soap bars will say thank you. No Waste
A practical accessory that is also aesthetically pleasing : THE magnetic soap holder.
Made in France, this minimalist soap holder will enhance the beautiful soaps you have carefully picked.
Fast and complete drying of the soap, it can last longer.
Forget soft soap that sticks or drips. The soap bars float as if it was magic. Always at hand and no mess guaranteed.
Holds up to 200 grams vertically and up to 400 grams horizontally.
Sold loose, per unit. Compatible with any soap bars, shampoo bars and conditioner bars, except crumbly ones.
Made in France by Chamarrel®.
Chamarrel washable sponge. Plant-based and sustainable. Zero waste.
Durable washable sponge made in GOTS certified organic cotton.
A sustainable mindset and a clean house!
The sponge is 100% natural and biodegradable.
Sold loose - No packaging.
Choose the one that suits you best or get both:
- Scrubbing sponge (one tougher side : hessian fabric and a softer side : GOTS certified organic honeycomb cotton)
- Soft" sponge (both sides are soft : GOTS certified organic cotton)

Eco-friendly product.
Marseille soap and Baking soda stain remover
A Stain Eraser’ with the winning combo Marseille Soap and Baking Soda.
It removes even stubborn stains such as coffee stain, or berry stain, grass stain, and even blood stain. They disappear naturally. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Made in France, in Marseille. 80g
A 100% natural product, menthol, extracted from mint, relieves migraines and muscular pains thanks to its freshness (pleasant cold sensation).
A 100% natural product, menthol relieves migraines and muscle pain thanks to its freshness.
Store Display - 21 Loose Soap holders (2 parts)
Store display. Our convenient and sturdy display will put the minimalist soap holder in the spotlight, for your customers' benefit.
We predict a high volume of sales!
Made in France by Chamarrel®.
Washing-up brush head | Replacement head
The practical and long-lasting refill for your ecological dish brush.
Removable, it can be easily replaced while keeping the previous handle. Made of beech wood and tampico vegetable fibre bristles, it is durable.
A great zero-waste alternative for the home in general, and the kitchen in particular.

Diameter of the wood 40 mm. Diameter of the bristles: 70 mm.
Sold individually, in bulk (without packaging).
SoMalin - Paper towel swap - kit | Organic cotton
Washable paper towel made of GOTS certified organic cotton.
No plastic or press studs for this ecological and uncompromising product.
Made in France.
A smart accessory to think sustainable in the kitchen!
Packaged in a minimalist jute pouch, it is available in a choice of 2 colours: Water Green or Red Ochre.
Box of 1 Magnetic Soap holder - made in France
The best ally of soap bars is the minimalist soap holder! Innovative, minimalist and essential!
Great design and so functional. Soap bars and shampoo bars now float upright. Eco-friendly and good for your wallet too, it makes sure you are using your soaps to the full by keeping them dry between uses. They look good and are always right where you need them to be. They never slip out of your hands anymore because they remain perfectly dry. Who knew soap was so great!
Made in France by Chamarrel®.
Ergonomic dishwashing brush  | For yor pots and pans
Ergonomic dishwashing brush to remove stubborn dirt from your pots and pans and other kitchen utensils.
Made of beech wood and 100% natural fibre bristles, it is abrasive and durable.
Sold individually, loose (without packaging).
Dimensions: H 80 mm, diameter 60 mm
Magnetic soap holder made in France.
The magnetic soap holder that balances soap bars upon nothing.
Zero waste and plastic-free, it enhances your pretty, carefully chosen soap bars, and let them dry quickly on every side, so you can enjoy using them longer.
Made in France, French beech wood from PEFC certified forests.
Set it up on any type of surface, including non-smooth surfaces such as mosaics or irregular tiles. Its strong adhesive will not be defeated.
Supports up to 200 g vertically.
Sold loose, per unit. Use it to hold any soap and shampoos bars you may use, except crumbly ones.
Made in France by Chamarrel®.
Choose from the 3 available shapes : a drop, a bubble or a heart.
Save-soap net eco-friendly way to big savings
Smart and tiny accessory, fully organic!
GOTS-certified organic cotton, the save-soap net allows you to collect the ends of your soap bars and enjoy them to the end. No waste for soap bars, and even for shampoo bars.
Made in France, naturally! Tiny accessory with great impact, we are sure you will love it.
1 unit.
Size : 7 x 9 cm. The drawstring is also made of organic cotton.
Sustainable cotton kit | TWILIGHT
A smart kit for a zero waste beauty routine.
Cleansing your skin and removing make-up gently and without waste is child's play
The kit contains:
- 7 two-sided make-up removal wipes. One side in organic cotton and hemp fleece, and the other in GOTS certified organic cotton flannel.
- 1 nice storage bag in GOTS organic cotton
- 1 washing net in GOTS organic cotton
Let yourself be carried away by the softness of these sustainable and natural cottons.

Made in France in ESAT (establishment and service of help by work) in order to support the social and solidarity economy.
100% natural, menthol, mint extract, relieves migraines and muscular pains thanks to its freshness (pleasant cold sensation).
A 100% natural product, menthol relieves migraines and muscle pain thanks to its freshness.
Set of 4 plate covers | Charlotte - Organic cotton
Set of 4 plate covers, made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, adjustable with an elastic band.
4 different diameters: 30 cm, 24 cm, 19 cm and 12 cm, for pie dishes, salad bowls, plates or bowls.
Non-coated eco-friendly products, no plastic and no compromise.
Made in France in an ESAT.
Available in 2 colours: Water green or Deep Red.
Recycled box of 3 magnetic soap holders with suction cup
One tiny suction cup holding a maximum weight of 200 g, to keep your soaps levitating. 3 minimalist soap holders to accessorize your home with style. Keep your soap bars longer and in better condition. Recycled cardboard box.
Made in France by Chamarrel®.
Number of products : 91