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» » Beechwood Toothbrush | Recyclable
Beechwood Toothbrush | Recyclable
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Beechwood Toothbrush | Recyclable

Reference -BAD-HE

Beechwood toothbrush. Raw material sources from sustainably managed European forests, FSC-labelled.
Vegan, each toothbrush is made without using any chemical glue (the bristles are clipped in with metal staples)

Natural wax is used so the handle is soft to the touch and durable. The ergonomic triangular-shaped head guaranteet the best possible brushing. The bristles are rounded to be gentle on your gums. This accessory fits right in with the no-waste mindset many are adopting. Please note your toothbrush is compostable, it contributes to lowering your household's carbon footprint and environmental impact. Medium bristles.

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Thoroughly rinse the head to remove all traces of toothpaste. Do not leave the brush in contact with water, it would blacken. Let it air dry, preferably bristles up. If possible oil the wood once a year for better durability. 



Once you are ready to discard your toothbrush, first make sure to remove the bristles using tweezers. The brittles are theoretically recyclable, but are considered too small to be recycled, you may chose to put them with general waste. The  metal staples then need to be removed and can be recycled with the metal. The rest of the toothbrush made of beechwood can be placed in the compost, unless you wish to reuse it for another purpose at home. 



The handle is made of FSC-certified beech (guuarantees no pre-harvest treatment). It is handcrafted and coated with natural wax. It is 100% compostable. 

Bristles: nylon-610, made from castor oil (62%). They are trimmed to a rounded shape and held by a medical stainless steel clip for an ergonomic shape. They are 100% recyclable. 

Width: 1 cm 

Length: 18 cm 


Made in Germany 


A My Boo Company product 

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